TEMEL offers the most advanced anaesthetic systems and medical ventilators on the market today, thanks to ongoing in-house research and development.

Anaesthetic systems


The eD-AS Workstation complements the eD-AS Anesthesia System with an exclusive medical-grade PC that utilizes the data coming from the different devices and elements used in the anesthetic process. The information management and artificial intelligence program eR-AI allows the management of the anesthetic process from a new, simpler and more advanced perspective.


The eD-AS Anesthesia System has innovative features that make it unique: visualization of parameters and 3D curves, dual technology and hybrid efficiency. It solves the ventilatory and efficiency limitations of classic anesthesia systems.


Our track record as a ventilator manufacturers from the VT5-S model to the VECTORα XXI Graf has allowed us to advance in artificial ventilation. For years we have been working on a new research project that allows us to go beyond the knowledge of the current situation.


TEMEL has its own research laboratory and manufacturing plant. TEMEL offers an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contracting service including R&D for manufacturing anaesthetic station systems or subsystems, or medical ventilators.


TEMEL provides clients with all the necessary documentation for its equipment, from user manuals to scientific newsletters, clinical trials, bibliography and all the material explaining the innovations that TEMEL incorporates in its equipment.

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