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Founded in 1975, TEMEL dedicated all its efforts to artificial ventilation, focusing on the study of ventilation modes and the design and development of anaesthetic systems and medical ventilators. Today, at TEMEL we hold firm to our dynamic, innovative spirit.

The spirit with which we pioneered many of the highlights in the history of anaesthesiology and artificial ventilation. A spirit backed by an approach that has won the trust and confidence of our clients over all these years.

Corporate social responsibility

Ever since it was founded, TEMEL has always shown a concern for corporate responsibility – of a kind that focuses first and foremost on fulfilling commitments to our clients. This means ensuring our products always exceed their expected useful life, contributing to greater customer satisfaction. For suppliers it means meeting our commitment, and contract fulfilment, at all times, with no exceptions. For our human resources team it means meeting their expectations, too. And for the environment, it means showing respect, in the way we make our products and in our day-to-day manufacturing activities. On the social level, TEMEL has provided support for the development and improvement of anaesthesiology and critical care, cooperating with partners to ensure that new initiatives not only reach our immediate sphere of influence, but become available to the international community as well. These principles have governed our company for years, and we look forward to developing them even further in the future.

It is worth mentioning TEMEL’s outstanding participation with its ventilators during two serious events:


TEMEL is staffed by a highly professional human resources team in its various departments. The R&D department is in charge of research, design and the development of new products. After approval, designs are transferred to the manufacturing department, where our devices are mass-produced and undergo a battery of quality controls. These controls are performed by the quality department, responsible for maintaining TEMEL’s company-wide quality system. The marketing, contracting and after-sales service departments work to transform client/manufacturer relations into close cooperation. Contributing knowledge, experience and requirements, our clients have always been a major source of inspiration for us, encouraging us to move forward in our research activities for the advancement of anaesthesiology and critical care.

Historical Milestones

And we continue to innovate and develop with the same spirit as on day one

We continue our work with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic, in which eD-AS equipment was easily adapted for intensive care and, after approval by the health authorities, was from the very first moment providing its service for patient ventilation.

The e-AS anaesthetic system

The e-AS high-security anaesthetic system. With an ergonomic, eco-friendly design built for economy and efficiency.

The SUPRA-CM anaesthetic system

The SUPRA-CM anaesthetic system, which is a version permitting screen visualisation and various control and operating programmes.

The SUPRA-GA anaesthetic system

The SUPRA-GA anaesthetic system, which enabled the first-time achievement of 100% efficacy in FGF, with a negligible internal volume and an absence of internal compliance.

The VECTORGraf graphics screen

The VECTORGraf graphics screen, enabling a range of respiratory parameters to be visualised: curves, loops, trends and values.

The VECTORαXXI critical care ventilator

The VECTORαXXI critical care ventilator, which in addition to incorporating all the known ventilation modes, allowed for patient ventilation with their own suitably amplified flow pattern for the very first time.

Critical care ventilator ERGOTRONIC - 3R

Critical care ventilator ERGOTRONIC - 3R, featuring volume-support and pressure-support ventilation.


The ERGOJET-CVT model, which permitted the use of the jet-system high frequency ventilation mode.

The ERGOTRONIC-3S anaesthetic workstation

The ERGOTRONIC-3S anaesthetic workstation, which integrated an anaesthetic unit and ventilation monitor in one single device.

The ERGOTRONIC-3 anaesthetic workstation

The ERGOTRONIC-3 anaesthetic workstation, the first anaesthetic device designed with ergonomic criteria and integrating all functions in one single unit.

The 8800 high frequency oscillator

The 8800 high frequency oscillator, which enabled oscillatory ventilation to be studied at very small volumes.

Development of the flow profile pneumotachometer

Development of the flow profile pneumotachometer, which was included in our ESPIROTRONIC electronic spirometer. Development of our gas oxygen measuring device, the OXITRONIC model.

The VT5-S critical care ventilator

The VT5-S critical care ventilator, a world innovation in the S-MMV ventilation mode, now internationally recognised.

eD-AS workstation

eD-AS workstation incorporating an exclusive medical-grade PC that allows management of the anesthetic process from a new, simpler and more advanced perspective.

eD-AS Anesthesia System

eD-AS Anesthesia System whose innovative features make it unique: visualization of parameters and 3D curves, dual technology and hybrid efficiency.

The PROAS programmable anaesthetic system

The PROAS programmable anaesthetic system, the first centralised anaesthesia control system that helps decision-making thanks to an assistance programme.

The SUPRA-BS anaesthetic system

The SUPRA-BS anaesthetic system, an upgrade of the former model to include a selectable anaesthesia circuit, with a low FGF.

The VECTORαXXI Graf critical care ventilator

The VECTORαXXI Graf critical care ventilator, enabling neuroventilation to be performed.

Implementation of a Quality Assurance System

Implementation of a Quality Assurance System in compliance with ISO 9001 and EN 46001 standards. Achievement of the “CE” mark for all TEMEL manufactured products.

The TORRE ERGO integrated anaesthetic workstation

The TORRE ERGO integrated anaesthetic workstation, incorporating patient monitoring along with an anaesthetic workstation.

The ERGOLAR-C3 araesthetic workstation

The automatic closed circuit metabolic consumption anaesthetic workstation, the ERGOLAR-C3.

The ERGOTRONIC 3S-N anaesthetic workstation

The ERGOTRONIC 3S-N anaesthetic workstation, which enabled automatic continuous-flow ventilation of newborns with tidal volumes from 10 ml.

The EXA-10 ventilation monitor

The EXA-10 ventilation monitor, which for the first time in anaesthesiology enabled patients’ mechanical ventilation to be measured and monitored.

The anaesthetic gas scavenging system, the SCAAT-3 model.

The anaesthetic gas scavenging system, the SCAAT-3 model.

Development of lung simulators

Development of lung simulators, used both in conventional ventilation and in high-frequency and oscillatory ventilation.

The VT4-S critical care ventilator

The VT4-S critical care ventilator, providing a simple answer to routine mechanical ventilation.

Model VT-3, the first volumetric device for anaesthesia

Model VT-3, the first volumetric device for anaesthesia without internal compliance, equipped with the smallest and most easily sterilised expiratory unit on the market.


Creativity serving anaesthesiology and critical care.

Creativity is the search for solutions to the challenge of continually improving anaesthesia and medical ventilation science and technology, and our tools to achieve this are in-house research and a synergic relationship with anaesthesiologists and specialists in critical care



Close contact with professionals in anaesthesiology and critical care enables us to listen to their needs and propose truly efficient solutions that merit their lasting confidence and respect.


TEMEL boasts the finest professionals in the trade – people who are fully aware of the important work they undertake.


Our firm focus on the development of anaesthetic systems and medical ventilators has enabled us to pioneer the market, with a special emphasis on research.


R&D activities have always been at the core of our work at TEMEL, as only in this way are we truly committed to anaesthesia and critical care.

Quality and safety

Quality and safety in the service of anaesthesiology and critical care.

TEMEL products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards, enabling us to undertake continuous improvements to the quality of our products and services, while guaranteeing patient and user safety, in compliance with all requirements of Directive 93/42/CEE and the CE Mark in every product we manufacture.


Our vocation is artificial ventilation. Our driving force is investigating and innovating in biomedical engineering. And it is this urge to devise new and better products that makes us study and apply the latest scientific and technological advances in our products. Ensuring progress in our specific lines of research. All this contributes to our major aim: That TEMEL products should ensure greater patient comfort and safety to ensure recovery, and satisfy users through ease and efficiency of operation.

At TEMEL we believe that investing in research is paving the way for the future. This ideal lies at the core of our business culture, in everything we do.

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